SPOOKY, SIMPLIFIED. Everything you need for the perfect Halloween look: Fierce Feline, Demented Doll, Killer Clown or Skullpted!

Step by step instructions


EYES Apply a bronze shade of Aqua XL Color Paint, a winged liner with Aqua Black and Excessive Lash masara. NOSE & LIPS Use Aqua XL Pencil M-10 Black to create a nose and upper lip. Apply a fun color of Artist Liquid Matte to the lower lip. (note: Let the upper and lower lip dry completely before pressing lips together) WHISKER DOTS Finish with Aqua XL Liner to create dots on the apple of the cheek.
BLUSH Using round side of ARTISAN BRUSH 158, apply a blush shade of ARTIST FACE COLOR to the apples of the cheekbones. (Note: Keep the blush round and tight to the apple of the cheek.) BROWS Apply a brow that is one to two shades darker than the natural hair color EYES Apply a sheer eye shadow look using Aqua XL Color Paint in a natural shade. Finish by tight lining the eye with Aqua XL Pencil M-10 and a few layers of mascara. LIPS Apply a deep berry Artist Liquid Matte to the lips and once dry, define the lip with a deeper shade of lip pencil.
COMPLEXION Apply Artist Color White with a sponge and a dabbing motion for a uniform application, set with Super Matte Loose white. (Note: avoid application of white on the eye lids, tip of nose and lips.) EYES With a flat concealer brush, apply Aqua XL Color Paint in a vibrant shade in a diamond shape around the eyes and allow to dry. (Note: it should be messy) NOSE Apply Aqua XL Color Paint black to the very tip of the nose in a circle shape and then smudge slightly to create a disturbing look. LIPS Apply Artist Liquid Matte in a pop color shade to create the lip. Define the lip with Aqua XL Pencil M-10 Black
UNDERPAINT Sketch and fill in the eye socket, nasal cavity, where the teeth and under cheek bone will go with Aqua Black HIGHLIGHT Activate Wet Makeup with water to make a creamy consistency. Apply highlight to the most prominent areas of the skull first, then blend edges to meet up near the Aqua Black. CONTRAST & BLEND Use a damp brush application of black Wet Makeup to blend between your Aqua BLack and Lilac Wet Makeup. The brush should almost be dry, so as not to reactivate the lilac color. ADD CONTRAST Use a lip brush to apply white Wet Makeup to create the illusion of teeth over the Aqua Black. Use a dry brush technique to stretch the white and create teeth roots. Apply white with a dry brush to any additional high contrast areas. APPLY GLITTER Lightly spritz your face with Mist & Fix, to seal the makeup. Do not over-spray, because it will reactivate Wet Makeup. Lightly spritz the powder puff and dip into the glitter. Gently press the glitter-loaded powder puff on to desired areas of your skull.